Three young cats who have been nursed back to health by the RSPCA are hoping to find a new home together.

Bizet, Butterfly and Tosca were handed over to vets with two other siblings and their mum when they were just six weeks old.

All of the kittens were very unwell, suffering with sore eyes and nasal discharge.

They were taken in by staff at the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar, who provided round-the-clock care, nursing them back to health over several weeks.

Two of the siblings have been adopted into loving new homes, but Bizet, Butterfly and Tosca - named after operas - are still waiting to be chosen, and staff at the rehoming centre would like to see them be adopted together as a trio.

Lisa Obertelli, animal care assistant at RSPCA Southridge, said: “These three kittens and their mum have had a rough start to life, and we’re really keen to see them chosen by a new family to be adopted together.


“They are an inseparable trio who play, eat and sleep together and they really do have very special characters and will make incredibly rewarding pets for the right people.

"They are very inquisitive and love to explore so we believe a quiet road would be perfect for them.”

“We are looking for an experienced adult home or a family with teenage or grown-up children, and the cats will need a good few weeks of peace and space to settle into their new home and explore.

"Ideally their new home will have a private secure garden with a catflap, away from any immediate dangers such as railway lines and busy roads.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about Bizet, Butterfly and Tosca can contact Lisa and the team by calling 0300 123 0704 or emailing