A planning application has been submitted to extend the car park at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club.

The proposal would see 25 new spaces added to the existing car park, with trees felled and then replanted in order to make space for the development.

"A total of 25 new parking spaces would be created in the extended car park area,
resulting in a net parking gain of 21 spaces on site, factoring in the loss of four spaces to allow access arrangements," reads the planning application.

"A total of seven trees would be felled to permit the extended parking area. Four heavy-medium size trees of an appropriate species would be planted."

The extension would be built on Green Belt land, but the application states that no new buildings would be erected, and the openness of the site would be maintained.

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"The car park extension neither seeks to erect new buildings and the very nature of
the car park appearance would retain the openness of the Green Belt in the location," it reads.

"The Green Belt's principal role is to maintain openness and prevent inappropriate development. When considering whether development is inappropriate, significant weight is applied to the impact on the openness.

"In this instance, the proposed car park extension would retain openness and a local planning authority should regard the construction of new buildings as inappropriate in the Green Belt."

The application also states that increased membership at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club is the reason behind the plans.

"The golf club has witnessed an increase in playing membership from a wider geographical area resulting in a need and demand for more parking on site to cater for the membership and prevent parking in nearby streets," the application continues.

"The golf club, in addition to the sustained increase in playing members, is seeking to diversify its offering in terms of events on site and the subsequent need for additional parking spaces.

"The principal driver of the need for parking remains the core need from playing membership demand and related demographics that apply to those who play golf.

"In many cases during peak times, ad hoc parking on the green within the club takes place and is a concern to the club.

"Additional parking within the club would seek to prevent parking on surrounding streets."