A diversion route is causing "chaos" for the residents of a street in Hatfield Garden Village, with heavy goods vehicles resulting in "carnage".

The route through Green Lanes is in place due to roadworks on Hatfield Avenue, but HGVs taking the route have caused real problems, with residents claiming the road has become dangerous, with cars and trees damaged.

"The poor signage of the roadworks on Hatfield Avenue has caused HGVs to use Green Lanes as a diversion when it is only for cars. It's chaos," said a Hatfield Garden Village resident.

"The diversions have been so confusing and mislabelled HGV have had no choice but to follow cars.

"This has left them blocking roads, damaged trees, damaged cars and a dangerous road at school times.

"Garden Village residents would like Green Lanes to be closed to access only until these works are resolved."

Another resident, who was told by Hertfordshire Highways that an investigation is taking place, described the route as "completely inappropriate", with people unable to leave their homes and emergency services unable to get to an incident nearby due to the issues.

"This situation has been going on for five weeks and is causing major issues for residents and Green Lanes Primary School," said the resident.

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Welwyn Hatfield Times: The route is in place due to the closure of Hatfield Avenue.The route is in place due to the closure of Hatfield Avenue. (Image: Supplied)

"Green Lanes has a weight limit and is completely inappropriate for the volume of traffic these numerous diversions are creating.

"Over the past few weeks the trees outside our house have been damaged, my neighbours and I have been verbally abused by drivers and our children have been endangered by cars mounting the pavements.

"Yesterday there was a fire in a house on Campion Road, and this diversion prevented emergency services gaining access to the incident.

"I have been prevented from going to work and have been abused for simply trying to leave me house."

Responding to the concerns, a spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: "We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by lorries using Green Lanes inappropriately.

"A private developer has been carrying out works at the junction of Hatfield Avenue, Gypsy Moth Lane and Campion Road, and we’re aware that traffic diverting around these works has been causing problems on Green Lanes.

"Unfortunately, as Hatfield Avenue and Gypsy Moth Lane are privately maintained roads we have limited ability to influence the actual works, however we have been working with the developers to make sure that there has been a signed diversion route in place using Coopers Green Lane instead.

"The developer also asked the business park to remind their drivers and delivery vehicles not to use Green Lanes.

"In addition, at the end of last week, when the full closure was in place, the developer had operatives at each end of Green Lanes to prevent HGVs travelling along it during school pick up and drop off times and checked it regularly between.

"The developer has informed us that the works are now complete, so hopefully this problem has now been resolved for residents."