A Hatfield barber and beautician has given Apprentice star Avi Sharma a facial during the FA Cup final.

The match - between Manchester United and Manchester City - was played at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (June 3) in front of over 80,000 people.

Millions more watched on television sets around the world, as Manchester United were defeated 2-1 by their local rivals.


In the stands, however, not all of the focus was on the football, as Apprentice star Avi Sharma was given a facial treatment by Hatfield barber beautician Penthouse B.

Avi Sharma was the youngest candidate on The Apprentice's Series 17, which aired earlier this year.

He came joint-seventh in the series, and now hosts YouTube channel Avi TV.

Penthouse B, which is set to open in David Lloyd leisure centre over the summer, had previously cut the hair of a rapper during the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Brighton.

The team behind Penthouse B - who originate from St Albans - have since "done some insane stuff".


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The company have gone on to cut the hair of celebrities and influencers in a range of scenarios, off the back of the attention that they have received.

On one occasion, this has involved cutting hair in the back of a helicopter and cutting the hair of boxer Amir Khan.

Speaking of the recent attention that the company has received, Penthouse B's Mohammed Zy told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: "Now, we've gone from simple traditional haircuts and a beauticians to all of these influencers, all of these TV personalities asking for our services in different places...

"...There's so many people, because content creating is massive now, and our service in crazy places is just a crazy fit."

Speaking of the company's new location at David Lloyd, Mohammed continued: "It's called Penthouse B, only because we've taken what used to be a penthouse, ripped it up, and made a modern day and age barber's and beautician's.

"So now it's like a retreat, it's unreal."