A Hatfield barber shop has gone viral after cutting a man's hair during an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley stadium.

Imad, 17, from Penthouse B, cut the hair of a rapper during Manchester United's victory over Brighton on Sunday, April 23.

Penthouse B is located inside Hatfield's David Lloyd leisure centre, with the team originating from St Albans.

The business will officially open later this summer.

Penthouse B's Mohammed Zy told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: "We normally cut his hair (the rapper).


"On this Wembley day, it was a Sunday and the marathon was on.

"David Lloyd (where we are based) were running the marathon for Cancer Research.

"South London was completely closed, so he couldn't come down to us for a haircut.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Penthouse B will open to the public this summer.Penthouse B will open to the public this summer. (Image: Penthouse B / Mohammed Zy)

"So he was like 'do you know what we'll do, I'm sending my driver and I'm gonna buy you a ticket'.

"We were like 'what do you mean, buy you a ticket?'.


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"He said 'tell Imad to come and cut me in the stand'. We didn't think anything of it really.

"He got there, cut his hair and that was it. But, at that time, it just exploded!

"Moving forward, we've done some insane stuff afterwards!"

Pentbouse B have gone on to cut the hair of celebrities and influencers in a range of scenarios, off the back of the attention that they have received.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Penthouse B is located at Hatfield's David Lloyd leisure centre.Penthouse B is located at Hatfield's David Lloyd leisure centre. (Image: Penthouse B / Mohammed Zy)

On one occasion, this has involved cutting hair in the back of a helicopter and cutting the hair of boxer Amir Khan.

Speaking of the reaction from those witnessing the event, Mohammed said: "People wanted haircuts in the stands!

"There were 85,000 people there and our seats were very good, we were very close to the pitch.


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"We're Man Utd supporters but the game was boring, so that really helped us in a way!"

Penthouse B also have plans for tomorrow's (Saturday, June 3) FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Manchester City.