Quiz show University Challenge 2023 has come to an end, with a former Welwyn Garden City resident bagging gold in the final. 

Going in with the sole intention of "not embarrassing themselves" on national television, Harry Scully - a former Monk's Walk student - has won first place with his teammates. 

Representing Durham University, Harry and his team beat Bristol University with a score of 155-120. 

The final episode was aired on BBC2 on Monday night (May 29). 

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Harry said: "I think we went into this with the sole goal of trying not to embarrass ourselves on national television.

"We didn’t really know what to expect. We took each round as it came and somehow have worked our way into the grand finale, and then even crazier, went on to win it.

"I certainly thought we had a decent chance given how hard we all worked, both individually and together.

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"I’m extremely proud of what my teammates and I have achieved.

"University Challenge has without a doubt been the highlight of my degree and couldn’t have happened without the support from the great production crew, Jeremy Paxman, and my lovely team, who are now life-long friends."

Along with his University Challenge win, Harry will soon be celebrating graduating with a master's degree from Durham University in July.