Reports of injuries and collisions involving e-scooters have risen to double digits in the last three years, according to new data.

With a spate of recent fires bringing e-scooters into the limelight, Welwyn Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are advising the public to familiarise themselves with the law around e-scooters.

The vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, however currently it is illegal to ride them on public land anywhere in Hertfordshire.

In 2022 and 2021, the Department of Transport figures show 22 e-scooter related accidents/injuries in Hertfordshire were reported and all were within the Welwyn Garden City area.

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This has risen from the previous year's figures. In 2020, there were seven road casualties involving e-scooters that were reported in the county.

SNT inspector Amy Sheldon said: “E-scooters can only be used on private land with the landowner’s permission.

"While they can be used on public land as part of a government trial, there are no trials taking place anywhere in Hertfordshire at this time.

“To be clear, this means that if you are riding an e-scooter through the streets of Welwyn Hatfield, including within the town centres, you are breaking the law.

“These vehicles can be very dangerous when involved in a collision. Sadly, across the country there have even been fatalities."

“I appreciate that many e-scooter riders are using them sensibly, and parents may even be buying them for their children thinking they are harmless fun.

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Herts police also added that if you are caught riding an e-scooter on a public highway, pavement or cycle lane it could be seized by the police.

You could also be reported for driving offences which would lead to significant penalty points and a fine.

Amy added: “If you are a parent letting your child ride these in public, you will be the one found responsible and in turn this could affect your own driving licence.

“Please take good notice of this advice and if you have a friend or family member using these vehicles, let them know so that they don’t get into trouble either.”