A Hertfordshire distillery has created a gin inspired by the smell of Welwyn Garden City's famous Shredded Wheat factory.

The Spirit of Hertfordshire came up with the Garden City Old Tom Gin, which has a "magic cereal aroma and some choice fruity botanicals", creating "a soft, fragrant gin with a hearty hint of heart-warming malt".

The spirit brings back memories for head distiller Richard Osmond, who grew up in the town, but he also hopes it can be a drink for the next chapter as the factory becomes the Wheat Quarter.

"For 80 years, Welwyn Garden City was home to the Welgar Shredded Wheat factory, which pumped the city's air full of the irresistible smell of toasty malted cereal," he said.

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"Drinkers will be transported back in time to that golden era of the city’s history, when the air was full of promise and cereal.

"It’s great to be brought back in time to the way the town used to smell. It’s a fond childhood memory for me personally.

"But this gin isn’t stuck in the past. The Shredded Wheat factory is currently being converted into the very chic Wheat Quarter - full of new homes and fashionable places to hang out.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The gin is on sale on the Spirit of Hertfordshire website.The gin is on sale on the Spirit of Hertfordshire website. (Image: Spirit of Hertfordshire)

"So this is a gin for the new residents of the Quarter too, an accompaniment to the new bustling night life the development promises to contain.

"The developers clearly share our desire to hold on to the area’s wheaty heritage.

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"They even posted on social media about wanting a gin bar to spring up on the site of the old factory, so it seems a no-brainer to make a gin in tribute to the place.

"Who knows, if enough people open a bottle at once on a breezy night you might catch that old cereal scent on the air once more."

Explaining more about the gin, Spirit of Hertfordshire owner Richard Daniel added: "Traditionally Old Tom Gin, which this gin uses as a recipe model, was sweeter, mellower and more smoothly drinkable than dry gin.

"Since we wanted to showcase the sweet, mellow aromas the factory pumped into the air on toasting days, the Old Tom style was a perfect conceptual fit."

Visit www.spiritofherts.co.uk to get your hands on Old Tom Gin.