As the cost-of-living crisis continues, renters are facing the possibility of increased rental costs.

But with rent costs differing considerably across the east region, which areas spend the most on rent? 

Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance experts used data from the Office for National Statistics to investigate which UK regions are spending the most and least on rent, by calculating the proportion of income spent on rent across regions.

Welwyn Hatfield and Hertsmere are among the top 10 areas that spend the most on rent in the east regions.

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According to the data, the average renter in the east of England will spend 36.8 per cent of their wages on rent, putting them at the higher end. 

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The figures on which East regions are spending the most on rent.The figures on which East regions are spending the most on rent. (Image: Alan Boswell)

At 53.96 per cent, Hertsmere renters spend more than half of their weekly income on rent, putting the area at the top of the list for rent prices.

Welwyn Hatfield was ranked number seven in the list, with 44.19 per cent of resident's income going towards rent on average.


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On the other hand, Great Yarmouth residents are spending 28.87 per cent of income on rent – the lowest in the East region.

Compared to other UK countries, renting in England costs the most at 34.1 per cent.