A new sweets shop is set to open its doors in Welwyn Garden City this weekend. 

Herts Sweets will host its grand opening in Unit 10A, Tewin Road Business Centre, Garden Court, WGC. 

Run by partners Dan Pickett and Kay Willson, the business will be open six days a week but for their opening weekend the shop will also run on Saturday, March 18 from 12pm to 8pm and on Sunday, March 19 from 10am to 4pm. 

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Made popular by TikTok, Herts Sweets was started when Kay wanted to do something that would make people smile, after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) - a condition that affects the central nervous system (CNS), causing various symptoms and disability. 

Dan said: "It started because I brought her some sweets and she wasn't the biggest sweet lover but it made her smile that day. 

"For her, everything felt like it was going wrong, from a stressful job that was pushing her out to losing the ability to drive, but this made her smile. 

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Some of the imported products sold at Herts Sweets.Some of the imported products sold at Herts Sweets. (Image: Dan Pickett)

"So, she said, if you've managed to make me smile with sweets, how many others can we make smile." 

Originally the couple had started by selling small gift bags of sweets from home, when a family member of Dan's told them to try TikTok. 

At the time, the couple in their 30s were apprehensive about using an app "for kids". 

He added: "We both were thinking that we don't want to be dancing to Jason Derulo, but we tried it out and all of a sudden it just exploded for us." 

Herts Sweets currently has 43,000 TikTok followers.


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Over a year ago, the couple started selling sweets online after their new found TikTok success. A month later, they took on a small shop in Potters Bar and the business has since grown. 

There is something for everyone at Dan and Kay's shop as they sell imported sweets and drinks from all over the world along with treats that elderly citizens will remember from their childhood and classic favourites. 

"We have a lot of people that go on holiday and try different sweets but when they come back, they never have it again, but now they can," Dan added.