A grant has been awarded to stroke victims in need of a break this month.

A £100 grant towards a four-night break this month has been awarded by Hertfordshire County Councillor, Tony Kingsbury, in order to support some of the costs.

Welwyn-based Sarah's Stroke and Communications Group has been given this award as many members may not get another opportunity for any such break this year.

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They will be supported by and in the company of people that understand their limitations and capabilities and will ensure they are cared for.

Most of the members are of working age, but unable to return to work due as their condition (Aphasia) limits their communication capabilities.

In most cases, their income is reduced due to the stroke. It is important to cover most of the costs, so as to make the break available to any member.


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Cllr Kingsbury said: “I am pleased to provide this support to enable stroke survivors to have a break with others who understand their circumstances and provide mutual support, I know some may not get such a break otherwise.

"I really hope they have an interesting and relaxing time.”