Knebworth House returns as Sexy Beasts Manor in second series of Netflix dating show

Picker Bat (Sullie) on a date with Frankenstein (Jess) in episode 4 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix.

Picker Bat, New York chef Sullie, on a date with Frankenstein (Jess) in episode 4 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix. - Credit: Netflix

Hertfordshire stately home Knebworth House is back as 'Sexy Beasts Manor' in the second series of Netflix's dating show.

Narrated by American actor and comedian Rob Delaney and produced by All3Media’s Lion TV, blind date show Sexy Beasts has returned for series two on the streaming site.

And once again Knebworth House plays a starring role as Sexy Beasts Manor – "a stately home designed for dumping" according to narrator Delaney.

Series two of Sexy Beasts comprises of six episodes and was released globally on Netflix on October 7.

It was filmed in the UK last year, where all government COVID-19 guidelines were strictly adhered to.

As well as Knebworth House, Sexy Beasts series two filming took place at locations including Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge in London, and celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's Novelli Academy.

For those that haven't seen the TV show, Sexy Beasts uses Hollywood-level prosthetics to disguise the daters.

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Each episode features a new single 'picker' searching for true love – based purely on personality.

Only when the dating is over and the picker has chosen their love match – their so-called Sexy Beast – will the real faces be revealed.

The picker firstly speed dates their three potential love matches – all in full prosthetic makeup.

Like this summer's first Netflix series, the picker will kick out one of their three dates at Sexy Beasts Manor – in reality Knebworth House in Hertfordshire – which the narrator describes as "the ceremonial site of beasts getting dumped in the pursuit of true love".

A scene from episode 3 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix.

Picker Tiger (Devon) on a date with Ogre (Sam) in episode 3 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix. - Credit: Netflix

Following their second dates out in the real world, again in full prosthetic makeup to hide their real identities, the remaining contestants meet up in either the manor's 'Great Hall of Romance' or its 'Tunnel of Love'.

They will then see their potential loves unmasked without the elaborate makeup.

So who will find love based only on personality? And who will be disappointed when the real faces are revealed? 

In the first episode of series two, picker Dragon – aka music-loving Mick from Nashville – has to chose between Yoga instructor Edith, the meditating armadillo, Lincoln's Abby, made up as a shark, and Angella Katherine, who is disguised as a meerkat.

Episode three of the series features a special guest appearance from Michelin-starred chef Jean-Christophe Novelli MBE at his cookery school.

Chipmunk in a scene from episode 4 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix.

Chipmunk in a scene from episode 4 of the second series of Sexy Beasts on Netflix. - Credit: Netflix

Episode four sees the picker, New York chef Sullie, disguised as a bat – rather fitting as the Knebworth mansion was also Wayne Manor in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader.

Another of the dates sees the couple learn archery in the English countryside.

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