Where can you see classic steam train Duchess of Sutherland this Friday?

Duchess of Sunderland

The Duchess of Sunderland is passing through a number of stations on its journey from Southall to Ely on Friday. - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A classic steam engine is passing through Hertfordshire this Friday, but where will you be able to see it on its journey?

The Duchess of Sutherland is travelling from Southall to Ely as part of preparations for its Windsor Flyer tour, and as part of the route, the 84-year-old engine will pass through a number of Hertfordshire stations, including Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage and Royston.

The Duchess of Sutherland will pass through the following stations:

  • Potters Bar – 1.52pm
  • Welwyn Garden City – 2.01pm
  • Stevenage – 2.18pm
  • Hitchin – 2.23pm
  • Letchworth Garden City – 2.26pm
  • Royston – 2.50pm
  • Foxton – 2.56pm

Designed by William Stanier and built in 1938 for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, the Duchess of Sutherland ran 1,650,000 miles – the second highest mileage by any Coronation Class train – during its 25 years of service.

Retiring from service in 1964, the engine passed between owners before being restored to working order in 2001, before becoming the first steam locomotive to haul the Royal Train for 35 years in 2002, transporting Queen Elizabeth II on a tour to North Wales as part of her Golden Jubilee.