Billy Joe Saunders v Saul Canelo Alvarez - as it happened

Saul Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders face off after the weigh-in

Saul Canelo Alvarez and Hatfield's Billy Joe Saunders finally got their hands on each at the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. - Credit: ED MULHOLLAND/MATCHROOM BOXING

Hatfield's Billy Joe Saunders took on Saul Canelo Alvarez in a huge unification super middleweight fight at the AT&T Stadium in Texas. This is how it happened. 

Pre fight

From the minute the national anthem was sung, to a cacophony of boos, it was clear that Saunders was up against it from all angles.

Just the type of fight he enjoys.

He wound up the crowd with his ring walk by singing along to his entrance music and dancing and looked focused while maintaining a high level of relaxation.

Canelo was totally different. Whereas Saunders was on his own, Alvarez had his entourage and a Mexican band and singers, who opted to play their greatest hits, such was the length of the entrance.

All designed to faze and rile the Brit.

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Round one

Tentative from both boxers. Saunders going with the jab but was backed up twice towards the corner and then the ropes. Canelo landed one body shot that looked hard, which may have just edged it his way.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 9 Canelo 10

Round two

Still all about the jab for Saunders but there isn't any of his big shots coming in yet. Alvarez has got through with one straight right and another one that rocked him back. Another one for the Mexican.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 9 Canelo 10 (18-20)

Round three

Better from Saunders who was getting more joy with his shots but the power of Canelo can be seen and heard. Not much between them in that one but the noise of the big shots may tip the judge's minds.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 10 Canelo 9 (28-29)

Round four

One uppercut lands and gets a nod from Saunders, "you got me".  But that was another better round from the Hatfield man. Movement looked sharper and landed more shots.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 10 Canelo 9 (38-38)

Round five

A double jab and more sharper boxing from Saunders. There was a left in there too. Best round of the fight so far. Canelo still going for the heavy shots but they are not always landing.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 10 Canelo 9 (48-47)

Round six

A round of two halves. Saunders looked on top early on but went defensive late on. I still think he is putting together the more scoring efforts. Swings and misses from Canelo. Is it on for the Hatfield man?

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 10 Canelo 9 (58-56)

Round seven

I may be biased but this is starting to look good for Saunders. His movement and his jab are scoring far better than Canelo.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 10 Canelo 9 (68-65)

Round eight

All Canelo in that round and Saunders' right eye looks in trouble. Big shots were landed for once and hurting the Brit. Big moment in the fight now.

Neil Metcalfe scorecard: Saunders 9 Canelo 10 (77-75)

Round nine

Saunders stays sat on his stool and it is over! Wow. The eye is the problem, the damage must be severe. We'll wait and see but Saunders is no longer the champion and no longer unbeaten.

One good round proved crucial and it is announced as "on the advice of his corner".

The winner by TKO is Saul Canelo Alavarez.


Canelo felt his fight would develop and "it wasn't as difficult as I expected".

He added: "I knew he wasn't going to come out as I broke his cheek".

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