Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club are back in action after the Christmas break - although they have had to battle various weather conditions to do so.

One of the latest round of races only went ahead after ice had been chiselled off the boats.

The weather did improve as the morning wore on and it was junior Angelo Hansen won the day.

In race one he held off challenges from Dave Lambert and his brother Francis, having seen off

Charles Adams who was eventually held back with a rudder problem.

In race two the commodore stayed behind Hansen right to the line.

Lambert was first in the fast fleet and third overall.

A gusting and direction-changing wind was the next problem, something that reduced the fleet for race two.

And following yet more capsizes, there was only Annette Walter and Alan Campbell fighting it out, the former holding on to add to her win in race one.

That had seen Hansen again hold off Adams for third, the junior recovering from a knock down before the pair were almost halted by a rogue gust.