Your views on Welwyn Hatfield wheelie bins

TWO new wheelie bins have started to be delivered to homes across the borough as residents prepare for fortnightly rubbish collections to begin.

The 90,000 bins will take two weeks to be dropped off to every home, and will mean houses will have three wheelie bins each.

As they began arriving on Monday, the WHT took to the streets to speak to residents in Barndicott, Brooksfield, Grove Meadow and Poplars in the Panshanger area of WGC.

Jane and Tony Ford said they welcomed the bins.

Tony said: “I quite like the idea, and we’re lucky we’ve got a garden big enough to keep them in.

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“And it’s good you can put all the recycling in one place.”

But wife Jane added they were concerned with flies in the food waste in the summer.

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“Last year we had 30 flies and it took us two days to get rid of them all. In the summer I think we might put the food in the main rubbish.”

Pensioner Peggy Owen said she was struggling to find somewhere for the bins to fit, but added she liked the idea of making recycling easier.

Neighbour Mike Fossey said: “It must take the binmen longer to load up the new bins on the back of the truck than it did with the black bags.

“I like the recycling side of this, it’s good we can now recycle everything.”

But Mr Fossey added he planned to dig up part of his garden in order to make somewhere permanent to store the bins.

A mother-of-one from Grove Meadow said recycling was clearly a positive thing, but with a new baby was concerned about the amount of waste her family would have in a fortnight.

“We should be able to squeeze the bins in,” she said.

“It is a bit scary with the baby but we’ll just have to see how it goes.”

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