The 'super star' 8-year-old boy donating his toys this Christmas

Eight-year-old Freddie Parker from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, standing in front of a small river with both thumbs up.

"Freddie has been an absolute super star throughout this last year." - Credit: Sam Parker

Freddie Parker, from Welwyn Garden City, has continued his year of helping the local community by donating his own toys to a family in need this Christmas. 

His mum Sam was incredibly proud when Freddie, who doesn't have many of his own toys, parted with his Ninja Turtle race track, Monopoly board game and dinosaur puzzles. She wants to show the world "just how special he is". 

Sam was awestruck when she found his letter to Santa last month which said that all he wanted for Christmas was for his mum to be helped because she "works so hard" on her own.

Handwritten Christmas letter to Santa asking for Father Christmas to help his mother who works so hard.

"Rather than asking for Christmas presents for himself, he asked for help for me." - Credit: Sam Parker

Last Christmas, Freddie collected fresh fruit and veg for the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park. In Easter, he ran a campaign to donate a mound of Easter eggs to children in hospital.

Freddie and younger sister standing in front of mountain of chocolate Easter eggs in their home in Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Last Easter, Freddie ran a campaign to collect Easter eggs for children in hospital. - Credit: Sam Parker

He also donated a couple of his own Easter eggs to the local sports camp for children to win as prizes.

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