Get wild and adventurous at new Cuffley Camp weekends

Ed Stafford with his wife and son

Ed with his wife Laura Bingham and son, Ran. The family went off-gird on a deserted Indonesian island - Credit: Discovery Channel

A new generation of youngsters are invited to explore the great outdoors as part of wilderness weekends at a Potters Bar facility.

Cuffley Outdoor Centre has been a destination for school trips for decades, but now new weekend adventures await for families.

Children running in a forest

Children set loose at Cuffley - Credit: Photopia Photography

Adventure company Camp Wilderness has teamed up with Tv survival expert Ed Stafford to design challenging and exciting activities where families can immerse themselves in nature. 

Ed said he thinks during lockdown families have become tired of feeling sluggish and 'brain dead' and promises that these sessions will help reconnect them again.

He said: "It's an activity weekend in the wild, but [families will be] having to rely on each other and work together as a team."

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The camp is for families with children aged from six to 16-year-old and there are two options to choose from. 

There is a two-day adventure, a softer introduction to staying in a tent perhaps for the more unexperienced camper. 

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The more challenging option, over three days, offers participants the chance to take part in bushcraft and survival experiences such as lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together. 

Ed said that these skills are brilliant for developing confidence outside and relevant for today as children enter a zone outside of their regular comfort: "It is not because we think doomsday is going to happen and everyone is going to have to survive out in the woods, it's just a really nice way of connecting with nature.

Ed Stafford creating a fire

Ed Stafford making fire at Camp Wilderness - Credit: Photopia Photography

"We have this innate desire to protect but if you do it too much and wrap children up in cotton wool they are not going to make mistakes - they will never learn from that."

Dad-of-three Ed added that it is important for young people to develop new motor skills and a sense of responsibility. 

"It's only through doing things that you can't do that you learn, that you grow. And if you were to stop every time you couldn't do anything you would stagnate. Go in with the attitude that you are not going to succeed with everything initially."

Boy in forest

Camp Wilderness teaches bush craft skills that boost children's sense of what they can achieve - Credit: Photopia Photography

Camp Wilderness Families camps at Cuffley begin on July 30. For more information visit

You can read the full interview with Ed Stafford in this month's issue of Hertfordshire Life, available now.

The latest edition of Hertfordshire Life.

The latest edition of Hertfordshire Life. - Credit: Archant

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