Meet the Welwyn woman voting for Trump in the 2020 US Election

PUBLISHED: 08:40 03 November 2020

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at Stansted Airport. Photo: SAFFRON PHOTO.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at Stansted Airport. Photo: SAFFRON PHOTO.

Saffron Photo 2019

One Welwyn mum has given her perspective on why she is casting her ballot for the sitting President Donald Trump in the US election this week.

Ann Chappell lives in Welwyn. Picture: Supplied by AnnAnn Chappell lives in Welwyn. Picture: Supplied by Ann

As a lifelong Republican voter Ann Chappell feels Donald Trump offers up a better way of doing things that is more innovative then his predecessors and keeps true to the low tax and minimal government interference values of her party.

But the California woman explained that since moving to the UK in 1991 and to Welwyn in February 1993, she has not voted much in US Elections until she bought a property in Florida in 2009.

“I just felt more connected when I had a property,” she said. “It does help we are a battle ground state.

“From the people I know it will be pretty much overwhelmingly in favour of Trump.”

Joe Biden, when he was American Vice President, with his wife Jill in Stansted Airport. Picture: David PoultneyJoe Biden, when he was American Vice President, with his wife Jill in Stansted Airport. Picture: David Poultney

For her President Trump is not a normal politician, which many agree with. But for others in the US this is a businessman who has faced sexual assault allegations dating from the 1970s to 2005, racial discrimination lawsuits from tenants, settled lawsuits that Trump University was a scam, come under fire for things he has said about minorities and women and most recently gone through an impeachment hearing that claimed the president had asked Ukraine to interfere in the US Election.

“He tells it like it is,” Ann said. “He represents a new direction when we have been throwing money at problems that are not going away.

“I felt foremost that he has such a good understanding of the constitution.

“And I feel he has done a lot for the economy, created new job opportunities for people and done good things on taxes as well.”

Before COVID-19, the economy in the US was growing, by 2.5 per cent, a trend that began during the Obama administration (which saw growth of 2.3 to 5.5 per cent) according to BBC fact checker, the Reality Check.

Growth has since fallen during April, May and June by over 30 per cent, the lowest since 1958.

The stock markets were similarly growing, though much bigger under President Trump, and are now falling due to the pandemic along with wages and employment. Poverty was also falling, which has been a continual trend since the 1970s in the US.

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“I think he’s done a pretty good job on the pandemic,” she said. “But the US has high morbidity rates and the virus has been far deadlier. 42 per cent of Americans are obese.

“He left a lot in the hands of the governors and regions.

“Unfortunately three states in the north-east – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – haven’t done exactly the right thing.

“California, Texas and Florida have done a better job at handling the situation.”

According to the New York Times, the virus has moved across the US with different areas being affected at different times.

First New York City had to deploy temporary morgues, then cases spiked in the Sun Belt, which stretches from Florida to California in the south and includes Texas, and has now hit the Midwest and north, which is mainly rural.

Ann’s thoughts on Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who was Barack Obama’s vice-president for eight years, centre on him being a political insider that has spent more than 45 years in Washington DC.

“I can’t think he has done a lot of things,” she said. “He’s also not quite as sharp as he used to be.”

However the latest health assessment released by Mr Biden’s campaign claims he is “healthy” and “vigorous”. Mr Biden’s campaign pledges to build back better, tackle the climate emergency and give every American affordable health care.

As for the views Trump has expressed about women, Ann said: “I have heard worse being in the city of London.” She added that she thinks “everyone now is much more careful and realises a bit more”, meaning people are more aware of the effects of misogynistic language.

Ann also thinks it would be good if US elections were a bit shorter, like in the UK, and has really loved living in “such a nice English village”.

The WHT could not find a US Democrat voter in Welwyn Hatfield for comment. But the polls have put Biden on around 50 per cent, ahead of Trump at around 40 per cent.

The Democrat candidate has been leading by at least five points with a 10-point lead on occasions, a much higher rate than 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton.

Results for the US Election will start to come in on Tuesday, November 3.

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