Welwyn UFO sighting sparks interest in United States

THE sighting of a UFO in the skies above Welwyn on Christmas Day has sparked interest amongst Ufologists in the US.

After reading an article published on www.whtimes24.co.uk last week, Jason Greywolf Leigh contacted our newsdesk to advise us of a sighting he experienced on December 25.

Mr Leigh. from Cleburne, Texas, compared his experience with that of Christian Joseph, who featured on our website after spotting a UFO over Lockley’s Farm.

Describing the time zone between the two sightings as “interesting”, the American reported observing a “huge object” that was “almost hovering as it was gliding so slowly”.

The former Navy SEAL added: “This object was too huge and flying too low and silently to have been any known, earthly aircraft!”

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As reported on December 29, Mr Joseph saw a brilliant orange light in the sky, which gradually reduced in brightness before disappearing completely.

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