Welwyn Hatfield residents threaten Council Tax boycott over bin collections

ANGRY residents are considering refusing to pay their council tax in protest at continued failings with bin collections in Welwyn Hatfield.

A Facebook group has also been set up as the “teething problems” with rubbish and recycling collections continue unabated.

The page – called Welwyn Hatfield Missed Bins Action Group – was set up by resident Paul Merton.

In the group’s discussion thread another resident, Caroline Clarkson, commented: “I think we should all get together and not pay our council tax, if it doesn’t improve, all they keep telling me is it’s teething problems.”

She added: “I think they have had so many complaints they do not know what to do, l think this will lead to fly-tipping and vermin, whoever organised this had better get their a*** in gear and sort it out – pronto.”

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And Joyce Conway of Chelwood Avenue, Hatfield, was yet another Times Territory resident who contacted the WHT to complain of the service.

Disabled Mrs Conway, 74, who is registered for assisted collections, has had her bins left behind for three weeks, said: “The people affected should get together and not pay their rates.”

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A Welwyn Hatfield Council spokeswoman said: “If residents have specific complaints about non-collection of their bins, they should be lodged with our call centre on 01707 357000.”

And, threatening rebels with the full force of the law, she added: “We would like to remind residents that it is a legal requirement for those residents who do not qualify for exemptions to pay council tax.

“Where accounts are not paid as specified, we will take recovery action, beginning with a reminder notice.

“The only valid reasons for non-payment are that we have not billed you properly, or that you can prove that the bill has already been paid.

“Council tax pays for local services provided by ourselves, Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Police Authority and the town and parish councils.

“For every �1 collected. Welwyn Hatfield’s portion is 13p.”

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