Welwyn Hatfield MP’s help needed in ‘unduly lenient’ killer driver case

A MAN calling for the “unduly lenient” sentence of a pregnant killer driver to be reviewed has called on the help of MP and new government minister Grant Shapps in trying to get an answer.

As reported in the Welwyn Hatfield Times last month, Welwyn resident Sean Lally-Randall was so shocked after reading WGC woman Debra Kelly was given a 24-week suspended jail term for causing the death of Hatfield businessman Kenneth Lush by careless driving, he contacted the Attorney General.

Since our story, Mr Lally-Randall was told by the Government’s chief legal advisor to contact the Ministry of Justice as the responsible authority.

He forwarded on his request on April 22 but, since then, has had “absolutely no response”.

Mr Lally-Randall, 47, said: “It’s rather disappointing as they say they are meant to ‘serve the public and support the victims of crime’ and to deliver an ‘effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system’.

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“So far they have hardly provided a ‘responsive’ or ‘simple route to justice’ for the Lush family.

“The situation has become even more poignant given reports in the Welwyn Hatfield Times of some recent local cases where people have received more realistic and custodial sentences for lesser crimes.”

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As a last resort, Mr Lally-Randall has now contacted Mr Shapps to chase the matter with his ministerial colleagues.

Mr Lush was killed when his bike was struck as he cycled home to his family on the A414 from Hatfield to Ware a year ago.

Kelly, 38, of Tubbs Croft, was given a suspended 24-week prison sentence.

At the time of sentencing, she was 34 weeks’ pregnant and the trial judge made it clear the only reason he was not sending her to jail was to spare her the “indignity” of giving birth in custody.

“The only message the sentence provides is that a woman can kill someone and avoid prison by becoming pregnant,” Mr Lally-Randall says in his complaint to the Ministry of Justice.

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