Do you have the unclaimed £1 million winning lottery ticket bought in Welwyn Hatfield?

Hertsmere Borough Council wants to introduce a lottery. Picture: Pixabay.

A winning lottery ticket was bought in Welwyn Hatfield last month - Credit: Pixabay

A lucky Welwyn Hatfield resident may have a lottery ticket worth £1,000,000 lying about in their house.

A winning EuroMillions ticket that was purchased in Welwyn Hatfield in the last month has gone unclaimed.

The prize level is the UK Millionaire Maker - for which the odds of winning are one in 1,900,000 according to the EuroMillions website.

The average UK resident's salary in 2020 is £31,461, which means the ticket holder effectively has more than 30 years worth of wages lined up for them.

The winning numbers of the ticket are: XZZF28583

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What happens to an unclaimed lottery ticket?

The unknowing individual has up until October 24 to claim the ticket - 180 days since the draw which took place on April 27.

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After which the prize can no longer be claimed and the ticket owner will receive nothing.

To see where else in the country there unclaimed lottery tickets or to find out how to claim an unclaimed prize visit:

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