Do Welwyn Hatfield residents vote the same way at European, local and general elections?

The 2019 General Election will take place on Thursday December 12. Picture: Supplied.

The 2019 General Election will take place on Thursday December 12. Picture: Supplied. - Credit: Archant

With plenty of talk about tactical voting, the Welwyn Hatfield Times has analysed voting data from local, European and general elections since 2009.

In the 2009 European Parliament Elections, the Conservatives received 10,759 votes - while Labour enjoyed 3,615 and the Liberal Democrats got 3,692.

And at the 2010 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections, it revealed a similar pattern with the Conservatives winning 52 per cent of the total votes, while Labour and the Lib Dems were on 23.1 and 22.1 per cent, respectively.

Both the 2009 European Parliament Elections and 2010 Local Elections had small turnouts at below 40 per cent, while at the 2010 General Election 68.2 per cent came out to cast their ballot. Generally speaking, EU and local elections have around 20 to 30 per cent lower turnouts then parliamentary elections.

The 2010 General Election make-up was similar, with the Conservatives securing a big lead on both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties - but Labour did end up with 2,000 more votes than the Lib Dems.

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So did the 2015 General Election turn out the same?

Well the Conservatives had a 12,153 vote (24.23 per cent) lead in the 2015 General Election over Labour, but in the 2015 council elections enjoyed a slightly smaller lead of 20 per cent.

READ MORE: Lib Dem county councillor for Welwyn Garden City says to 'vote tactically'And in the 2014 European Parliament Elections, the electorate cast 9,294 votes for the Conservatives, 5,443 for Labour and 1,837 for the Lib Dems - which shows a similar trend.

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But it should be noted that 8,530 votes were cast for UKIP, and 2,075 for the Green Party - which did not translate into the same gains at local or general election level. There was also an additional 1,000 or so more votes cast for anti-European parties.

For the 2017 General Election, the Welwyn Hatfield Times looked at WHBC's 2016 and 2018 elections and found that the Liberal Democrats and Labour received similar support.

However this did not translate at the parliamentary level for the Lib Dems, who came third with 3,836 votes to Labour's 19,005 and the Conservatives' 26,374.

In 2019, the Liberal Democrats had the highest performance at the European level compared to Labour and the Conservatives - while at local elections they performed similarly to Labour and got less support then the Conservatives.

But will this translate when the public go to the polls for the 2019 General Election on December 12?

Voting registration closes after 11:59pm on November 26 for this General Election on 12 December. You can do so online at:

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