Welwyn Hatfield donates shoes for domestic violence awareness week

EVEN though she stepped down more than six months ago, former Welwyn Hatfield mayor Kim Langley left a memorable legacy.

But apparently there’s one thing that still sticks in people’s minds above all else – her vast collection of shoes.

Now, she’s putting her reputation to good use – by donating a pair of her favourite heels to an exhibition raising awareness of domestic violence.

Ahead of Domestic Violence Awareness Week, which starts on Monday, November 22, Not In My Shoes is an exhibition currently being held in Hitchin Museum until mid-December, displaying a range of different people’s footwear, with messages about domestic violence attached to each pair.

Cllr Langely is herself a former victim of domestic violence, but she has since turned her life around, and is now happily married to second husband Neil.

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And at a press conference at Welwyn Hatfield Council offices in WGC this week, she threw her support behind the Not in My Shoes campaign.

“During my final week as mayor, I looked back on my tenure and wondered what people would remember from it,” Cllr Langley said.

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“Would it be my hard work, my sense of humour, my great speeches, doing 24 events in a 12-hour peiod? No, people remember my shoes.

“The pair of shoes I am donating are a favourite pair that I have worn to a lot of amazing events.

“These are the only shoes that I actually fell over in at an event at the police headquarters. Luckily, only my new husband and one other person was there to see it and I’m pleased to say there are no photos of the incident!”

She added: “Please, please, please support Domestic Violence Awareness Week and please help anyone who suffers domestic violence,” she said. “You may find that when they become free from domestic violence they do amazing things.”

To report domestic violence free and confidentially, call 08088 088088.

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