Welwyn Hatfield Council refuses to take bins away if they are open by inches

BINMEN are refusing to take away recycling left out for collection if bin lids are just inches ajar.

Despite some residents waiting weeks for collections and therefore storing up vast amounts of waste, council contractors have snubbed bins that are not completely closed.

Marc Hurworth, of Robbery Bottom Lane, in Welwyn, demanded to know, “What am I paying for?”

He said: “It was three weeks since they came to collect the recycling bins.

“Mine was refused because the bin lid wasn’t flat – it was two inches open.

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“I’ll have to wait another couple of weeks.

“We’re trying to do our bit for the environment – but then they say they are the rules that Serco have got.

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“The bin contained plastic, glass and newspapers ready for recycling.

“A note was left on the bin stating it was not emptied because the lid was open.

“The council were contacted and advised that Serco will not empty bins if the lid is even slightly open.

“In fact it was about two inches ajar as a result of a three week non-collection.”

And another resident, Stacie Fields, said: “They gave us an excess waste sticker because our bin lid was two inches from being fully closed.

“It was not overflowing and we have only had the bin system two weeks.

“This is completely stupid and typical of the council.

“When did the councils and government forget that we pay their wages?”

A council spokeswoman said: “This policy has been put in place to ensure there is no confusion over what constitutes an ‘overflowing bin’ and therefore what might or might not get collected.”

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