Car meet group to raise money for pancreatic cancer charity with bikini car wash

Car meet hertfordshire

A local car meet group will be offering car washes to help raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK - Credit: Supplied/Danny Loo

Car enthusiast group Royal Herts Statics is hosting a fundraising bikini car wash to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The event will take place at the John Bunyan Pub in Coleman Green at the start of next month.

Car modding fan Gina Nugent, one of the organisers of the group, is passionate about her Mitsubishi FTO but even more passionate about raising money for a cause close to her heart.

Gina Nugent

Gina Nugent is one of the organisers at the car meet group Royal Herts Statics - Credit: Gina Nugent

Gina lost her nan to pancreatic cancer, and other members of the group have also lost family members to the same illness.

Gina said: "We decided now there are no COVID-19 regulations in place we want to do another charity event. Pancreatic cancer is one that is extremely close to us.

"I unfortunately lost my nan, other members of our group lost their mum and auntie. It is something that has affected all of us so we think it is a great cause to raise money for."

The event, which will be held on September 5, will have music, food, drink and even a live fire breather.


The event will take place at the John Bunyan Pub in Coleman Green - Credit: Supplied

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The group also previously held an event helping Stevenage-based homeless charity Feed Up Warm Up - filling up a whole transit van full of donations by the end of the day.

Gina added: "It's definitely going to be a good day for a great charity. We just want to promote it as much as possible, to not only help us bring more people in to raise more money, but also show that we're not bad people.

"We want to help, we work hard to prove that we are a good bunch of people.

"We're not out illegal street racing or causing trouble - we just want to show off our cars as a family-run group and help charities."


Gina's car - Credit: Gina Nugent

Car meets in Hertfordshire gained national attention in 2019 when two drivers at a meet in Stevenage crashed into a crowd of bystanders, injuring 19.

Gina, who attended the meet, said: "Once that happened the car scene took a hit massively - it was terrible what happened. Since then people have certain opinions on the car scene and car meets.

"When we started we knew 100 per cent that that was never ever going to happen again, which is why we work so closely with the police.

"We've had backing from the local police who help us keep everything under control and organise locations."

The group hopes to run more charity events in the future and holds car meets in the county regularly.

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