New welcome signs arrive at railway station

Welwyn Garden City railway station

A new station sign at Welwyn Garden City railway station. - Credit: WGC Centenary Foundation

Welwyn Garden City's railway station has received new welcome signs, as part of a series of ongoing renovations.

WGC Centenary Foundation volunteers Malcolm Cowan and Malcolm Day were celebrating the new signs erected at the station last week.

Malcolm Cowan and Malcolm Day said: "This complements the roads signs welcoming people to the town, carrying the same early slogan that the town is a marriage of town and country, which is a quote from the founder Ebenezer Howard, whose statue, a gift from the WGC Centenary Foundation, is due to be unveiled on Howardsgate in April this year.

"We are grateful to rail operator GTR for commissioning and erecting the signs. This follows on from the repainting of the station that took place a couple of months ago, and the heritage posters in the platform 3 and 4 waiting room."

Over Christmas, all the dagger-boards and the undersides of the gutters were also replaced.

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