Welwyn Garden City man jailed after one-night crime spree

A 28-year-old man who went on a one-night crime spree has been jailed for two years.

Shane Anderson and his female accomplice carried out a number of offences in a matter of hours in WGC last summer, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Jonathan Dunn, prosecuting, said the pair had burgled a sports centre, attempted to rob a teenager in the street and broke into another man’s home and put him through a terrifying ordeal.

Anderson then elbowed a police officer in the face as he tried to arrest him at his Holwell Road, WGC home.

Anderson, already serving a five-and-a-half year sentence, had another two years added after pleading guilty to burglary, attempted robbery, domestic burglary and assaulting a police officer.

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Anderson had denied the offences all the way to the court, only pleading guilty as the trial was due to start.

Mr Dunn said Anderson and Kim Windle, who has already been sentenced to 17 months’ imprisonment for her part in the spree, began on July 7 by stealing alcohol from the bar of Gosling Sports Park in Stanborough Road.

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The manageress saw two people at the bar, who said they were looking for someone.

A bottle of red wine and sambuca was missing and Windle’s finger prints were later found behind the bar.

Shortly after making off an 18-year-old was attacked in the street and grabbed round the throat for his MP3 player. But the pair fled empty-handed when the boy’s stepfather intervened.

Twenty minutes later a man at home in Applecroft Road, WGC, answered a knock at the door.

Anderson accused the innocent man of selling drugs and demanded to be shown the safe, making threats to stab him.

There was no safe and Anderson ransacked the upstairs rooms before the two crooks rode off on their bikes with the man’s laptop.

However, police had been following their trail of offences as they had been occurring and Windle was arrested on her bike carrying the laptop in a bag.

Anderson, who was on licence after early release from prison, put up a struggle at his home elbowing a constable in the face.

Jailing Anderson for two years Judge Stephen Gullick said the burglary was a particularly “nasty offence” but he must have regard to the sentence previously imposed on Windle.

He said: “These were four offences committed within minutes of each other and you were on licence at the time.”

Windle, 22, of Wood Common, Hatfield, was on a conditional discharge at the time of the offences after she had been caught on CCTV stealing sweets and cash from a charity box at Goldings House hostel, in Link Drive, Hatfield, on March 5.

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