Welwyn Garden City man can’t stop seeing UFOs

ALIENS, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena are real, and won’t stop haunting a couple.

That is the claim made by Stephen Clementson, of Knightsfield, WGC, who can’t stop seeing UFOs.

Mr Clementson, 55, has uploaded around 80 videos of close encounters with what he says are extraterrestrial craft to YouTube, many of which were shot performing dazzling aerobatic feats over his garden in recent weeks.

He told the WHT: “The UFO issue has long been the subject of fierce debate, and even outright ridicule.

“Nevertheless, my wife and I have both been experiencing such things for decades, irrespective of whether people choose to believe it, or not.

“We have been subjected to various kinds of paranormal phenomena during that time.

He added: “These objects are intelligently controlled.

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“This activity does not conform to any human flight regulations, nor does it conform to known physical constraints. I would venture to suggest that this UFO activity is based upon advanced space technology, and thus emanates from other worlds.

“In other words, it’s alien technology.”

And visitors from another planet aren’t the only unexplained entities that he and his wife Lesley, 64, have had to contend with.

Mr and Mrs Clementson have also had several experiences with malevolent apparitions.

He said: “Activities that are typically defined as poltergeist events started happening around us at [there house in] Guessens Road, WGC, back in 1985.

“Objects would go missing, and then mysteriously reappear.

“Ghostly fingers would poke my wife in the back.

“And, back in 1986, a kitchen cupboard was pushed horizontally off the wall onto my wife’s head.

“On one occasion, the electric doorbell rang without the necessary batteries.

“We both saw a cigar-shaped object, flying low through the night sky over Lyme Regis, back in February 1987.

“We had two dogs with us at the time, and they both went berserk when this object appeared.”

He said the bizarre occurrences persist at Knightsfield and the couple have seen what he called “ghost cars”.