Welwyn Garden City man shares 9.5 stone weight loss journey

 Ryan Milbourn

A before and after picture of Ryan - Credit: Ryan Milbourn

A Welwyn Garden City man has lost almost 10 stone after struggling with his weight, particularly through lockdown last year.

Ryan Milbourn was sceptical about joining a weight loss organisation and said when he walked into his local group in August 2019 he felt nervous and really wasn’t sure that it was ‘for him’.

 Ryan Milbourn

Ryan when he was more than 50 kilograms heavier - Credit: Ryan Milbourn

But the 33-year-old said that his consultant Julie and fellow members were so welcoming and despite joining the group to lose weight it has helped him grow as a person.

“I had joined as a member prior to lockdown 1, and then like so many others lockdown hit me hard and I struggled," Ryan said.

“I knew I could still attend the group virtually, but it wasn’t for me, so I continued to submit my weight to my consultant weekly but it wasn’t the same”.

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Julie Horricks, Slimming World consultant in Welwyn Garden City, said: “When lockdown hit it was really difficult for everyone, and we know that research suggests the majority of people in the UK have gained weight during lockdown, with the latest government statistics showing that over 40 per cent of adults gained weight, so I was devastated not to have Ryan as part of the virtual group as I knew what a support it was to him, but we stayed in contact and he knew he wasn’t alone. I just couldn’t wait to get the OK and open my doors again and welcome him back.”

 Ryan Milbourn

Ryan has lost a lot of weight and has no intention of stopping his journey just yet - Credit: Ryan Milbourn

Ryan said as soon as his group was back open in the community he went straight back: "It’s the power of the group – the sharing, the caring, the expertise, and the deep understanding of the psychology that comes with weight loss, and the amazing feeling of Slimming World's guilt free eating plan that makes such a difference.

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“I have learnt so much, – I used to skip breakfast or if I had time grab a McDonald's breakfast and for lunch and evening meals I would live on takeaways – KFC and pizza in particular.

"Now my eating habits have totally changed, I’m enjoying fruit, yogurt and high-fibre bars for breakfast.

"As someone that couldn’t cook at all to start with it didn’t stop me losing weight, with the ready meal range available – but with the hints, tips and ideas from group I’m starting to cook.”

 Ryan Milbourn

Cooking has become a new hobby of Ryan's as he's improved his diet throughout his time with Slimming World - Credit: Ryan Milbourn

Although he would still like to lose a few more stone the difference it has made to his life so far has been incredible.

Visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk  for more.

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