Welwyn Garden City firm produce 100 decibel phone

EVER wanted a mobile phone that does the simple thing best – making phone calls?

Well a WGC company has produced a device which is not only easy to use for those with failing eyesight and limited dexterity, but also has an extra loud ringtone for everyone hard of hearing.

It is believed with a ringtone of 100 decibels – that’s the same as a road drill or a speeding train – the Clearsound CL8200 is the noisiest in the market.

And it has been flying off the shelves according to Guillemette Kerr, business development manager at Geemarc, which makes the phone and is based in Swallowfields.

She told the WHT: “We found many people weren’t interested in the bells and whistles, they just wanted a simple phone they could use easily.

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“This phone also has a feature so it can also be used with a hearing aid.

“Since its release it’s been selling really well, not only with elderly people, but with people who wanted a simple phone as it can be used by anyone, anywhere and it can be heard it noisy situations or if you are out walking or doing something.”

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The CL8200 handset, which also has a silent, vibrate mode, as well as large buttons, is valued at �89.99 and can be used with Geemarc’s own pay-as-you-go SIM card, or any other provider’s SIM card.

It is sold on specialist websites including the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and www.hearingdirect.com

Geemarc has more than 25 products in its Clearsound range, including phones for the home.

For more information visit www.geemarc.com

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