Welwyn Garden City cat poisoned

A “BARBARIC” anti-freeze poisoning attack has killed a WGC woman’s beloved cat.

Two-year-old Remus died in his owner’s arms last Thursday despite the vets’ best efforts as they helplessly battled for hours to aid the moggie’s recovery from the poisoning.

It was found he had unknowingly eaten the deadly substance – attractive to pets due to its sweet taste – near his home in Bushey Green.

His distraught owner, Lucy, who got the black and white tom when he was 10-weeks-old for “a bit of company at home”, said she has had trouble eating and sleeping since the incident.

“It has made me ill. He was my baby and for him to be killed deliberately is just not on.

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“I do not live near a busy road and we have fields outside the back and it is not like he has walked down to Halfords and bought some.

“So if you want to deter a cat, why wouldn’t you just use pepper?

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“It’s barbaric that someone would take him away like this.

“He didn’t do anyone any harm, he wasn’t a naughty cat.”

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