Welwyn Garden City boot camp success for Simon

I SIT at my desk writing this story half-a-stone lighter and a jean size smaller than a month ago.

The reason is purely down to the Gosling Boot Camp, which I have been taking part in three times a week for the last month.

Sessions started at the WGC leisure centre on November 1 on a freezing cold Monday morning – which would soon became a running theme (quite literally).

I did have the choice to either partake in the morning sessions at 6am or, alternatively, make the 6pm sessions.

Most times I luckily managed to opt for the night classes.

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Before I started, I was in fear – mainly of our instructor, ex-Royal Marine and now Great Britain Powerlifting Squad member, Steve Plunkett.

A giant of a man, I could see Steve bossing us into submission, working us so hard that we would be left a wreck, no longer able to stand for tiredness.

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And at times he wasn’t far off – only joking!

No, although we were worked hard and it was often knackering stuff, the atmosphere Steve and his team created was frankly superb and by the end of the boot camp on Friday, November 26 I think everyone taking part felt united.

This was largely to do with the type of the team-style exercises we were doing and the fact we were all going through the same thing, which included a high protein diet, with no carbohydrates after lunch.

The main focus of the activities was on aerobics – quick, short, big movements.

Such drills are designed for fat burning, rather than burning carbohydrates, which is what we do when we work for long periods, like long distance running.

Although such exercises are great for getting fit, we were focused on losing the pounds, but obviously while enjoying a healthy diet that we could take away with us.

Needless to say, though, I do feel a lot fitter and for some bizarre reason actually enjoy outdoor sessions now.

For me week three was the toughest – working the abdominals. I believe these should be renamed to the impossibles, mainly because they are excruciatingly painful to stretch.

However, the tips I picked up from these sessions were invaluable and I will take them away with me as I try to tone up my stomach and lose more weight.

That said, I have been told I need to do 100 reps a day – eek!

Come the end of Boot Camp almost everyone seemed delighted with their results and we all looked a fine bunch with our certificates of completion.

Steve said: “Boot Camp is a great, fun way to achieve your physical and exercise goals by sticking to a structured programme and diet.

“The group mentality ensures you stick to it (and get out of bed and attend the early morning 6am starts, even with the recent snow which shows commitment to the programme!).

“It was great to see a group of strangers become so close and help motivate each other by the end of the four weeks.”

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