Welwyn Garden City barber is a cut above

MEN have always had a difficult relationship with personal grooming.

There are those who see having to regularly shave, get haircuts and generally look well kept as something of a chore, and consider the shaggy, hirsute look as a sign of rugged manliness.

Then there is the more modern creature, the “new man”, who arguably spends more time making themselves look beautiful than some women do.

The line between respectable male grooming and vain over-preening is a blurred one, but a hairdresser in WGC is hoping he can untangle the mess with his new salon, designed exclusively for gentlemen.

Ben Scott, owner of the new Scotts of Welwyn Male Grooming in Moors Walk, WGC, has been in the business for 12 years.

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In that time he has managed hair salons in London’s stylish West End, and tended to the barnets of some of the world’s most rich and famous.

Scotts of Welwyn aims to strike a balance between the traditional values of the old fashioned barber shop, and the more modern hair salon.

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“Everyone’s idea of style is totally different,” Ben said.

“Some like to be bald, some like long hair and some like short. We try to keep up with all the fashion magazines to see what’s in.”

As well as providing customers with the latest hair styles, Scotts of Welwyn also provides holistic therapies such as Indian head and shoulder massage.

A tanning service will be available within the next few months, as will wet shaving and hot towels.

Ben said: “We’re aiming for the older gentleman, the city boy and the young guys who want their hair straightened with funky colours for a night out.

“We want to bring a bit of luxury to those that may have missed out.”

n To book an appointment, drop by the salon or phone 01707 390690.

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