Welwyn company Rises to the top

ACCORDING to the Health and Safety Executive, of the 72 construction workers killed in accidents in 2007/08, 34 workers died as a result of a fall from height.

One of the main causes of falls is from riser shafts – the unseen maintenance passages in multi-storey buildings where service pipes and ducts pass from floor to floor.

Managing the safety of workers around riser shafts used to be a big, and expensive, problem – until Welwyn manufacturing company Ambar Kelly found a solution.

The RiserSafe is the innovative new product by the firm from Rabley Heath Road, which eradicates the possibility of things, or people, taking a tumble.

A rectangular steel frame, the RiserSafe is manufactured to fit any building project, and cast into the floor to provide a safe platform for workers to stand on.

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A cap, similar to a manhole cover, is inserted to allow workers access through the shaft.

Later, as the build becomes finalised, the RiserSafe is replaced with another one, with holes cut into it to allow pipework, ductwork and electrical trunking through.

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“It’s a very simple idea, as most great ideas are really,” said Ambar Kelly’s managing director Alex Bardett.

“It’s never been done before, it’s patented now, and it’s taking the industry by storm.”

Indeed, the RiserSafe is the reason Ambar Kelly finds itself shortlisted for the Manufacturer of the Year gong at the prestigious Building Awards on April 22, organised by Building Magazine.

Not only that, but the product was featured this month in another top industry magazine Construction Manager.

“There are two main building magazines and to be recognised by both is absolutely terrific,” said Mr Bardett.

“And for the Building judges to put us in the final, they must really see the significance of the RiserSafe in the industry.”

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