Who are our Welwyn Hatfield candidates for Local Elections 2021?

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council offices. Picture: Archant

The candidates for the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections have been announced. - Credit: Archant

The full list of candidates for next month's Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's Local Election has been confirmed. 

The district council has 48 seats, with around a third up for election. 

All 16 wards will have elections, with 15 wards having one seat filled and one ward having two seats filled.

Of the 17 seats up for election, there are 10 Conservative seats, four Labour seats and three Liberal Democrat seats.

There is a casual vacancy in Welham Green and Hatfield South ward following the resignation of Jaida Caliskan. 

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The postponed 2020 elections for the district council will take place on May 6. 

In the town and parish council elections, there is a casual vacancy in Hatfield Central ward of Hatfield Town Council following the resignation of Bhumika Zhaveri.

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There is also a casual vacancy on Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council following the resignation of Peter Dace.

The candidates are as follows:  

Brookmans Park and Little Heath Ward 

Graham Beevers – Labour  

Peter Basford – Liberal Democrats 

Stephen Boulton – Conservatives 

Welwyn East Ward 

Martine Davis – Labour  

Helen Harrington – Liberal Democrats 

Julie Cragg – Conservatives  

William Berrington – Green Party 

Haldens Ward 

Mike Larkins – Labour 

Rhiannon Richardson – Liberal Democrats 

Alastair Hellyer – Conservatives 

Sarah Butcher – Green Party 

Handside Ward 

Helen Beckett – Labour 

Gemma Moore – Liberal Democrats 

Fiona Thomson – Conservatives 

Ian Nendick – Green Party 

Hatfield Central Ward 

Maureen Cook – Labour 

Michelle Kirk – Liberal Democrats 

James Bond – Conservatives 

Melvyn Jones – Abolish The Town Council Party 

Hatfield East Ward 

Cathy Watson – Labour 

Richard Snowdon – Liberal Democrats 

James Lake – Conservatives 

Ian Gregory – Green Party 

Hatfield South West Ward 

James Broach – Labour 

Timothy Rowse – Liberal Democrats 

Craig Stanbury – Conservatives 

Hatfield Villages Ward 

Margaret Eames-Petersen – Labour 

Adam Edwards – Liberal Democrats 

Samuel Kasumu – Conservatives 

Andreas Kukol – Green Party 

Hollybush Ward 

Mbizo Mpofu – Labour 

Christopher Corbey-West – Liberal Democrats 

Nick Pace – Conservatives 

Claudia Ferlisi – Green Party 

Howlands Ward 

Alan Chesterman – Labour  

Konrad Basch – Liberal Democrats 

Steve McNamara - Conservatives 

Northaw and Cuffley Ward 

Shelia Barrett – Labour  

Elizabeth Johnson – Liberal Democrats 

Gail Ganney - Conservatives 

Panshanger Ward 

Joshua Chigwangwa – Labour 

Darrell Panter – Liberal Democrats 

Stan Tunstall - Conservatives 

Peartree Ward 

Steve Iwasyk – Labour 

Russ Platt – Liberal Democrats 

Hamish Haddow – Conservatives 

Nicola Chapman – Green Party 

Sherrards Ward 

Hilary Carlen – Labour 

Arvindkumar Thakkar – Liberal Democrats 

Flavia Wachuku – Conservatives 

Lesley Smith – Green Party 

Welham Green and Hatfield South Ward 

Gareth Aicken – Labour 

John Eames-Petersen – Labour 

Richard Griffiths – Liberal Democrats 

Paul Zukowskyj – Liberal Democrats 

Paul Lowe – Conservatives 

Teresa Travell – Conservatives 

Mia Americanos-Molinaro – The For Britain Movement 

Welwyn West Ward 

Daniel Carlen – Labour 

Alan Reimer – Liberal Democrats 

Paul Smith – Conservatives 

Penny Berrington – Green Party 

The Herts County Council candidates are as follows: 

Haldens Division 

Mike Larkins – Labour 

Ayesha Rohale – Liberal Democrats  

Sunny Thusu – Conservatives  

Handside and Peartree Division 

Alan Chesterman – Labour 

Nigel Quinton – Liberal Democrats 

Fiona Thomson – Conservatives  

Hatfield East Division 

Glyn Hayes – Labour  

Jackie Brennan – Liberal Democrats 

Peter Hebden – Conservatives  

Hatfield North Division 

Margaret Eames-Peterson – Labour  

Adam Edwards – Liberal Democrats 

James Bond – Conservatives 

Melvyn Jones – Abolish the Town Council Party  

Hatfield Rural Division 

Graham Beevers – Labour  

Peter Basford – Liberal Democrats 

Stephen Boulton – Conservatives  

Hatfield South Division 

Moyna Aicken – Labour 

Paul Zukowskyj – Liberal Democrats 

Gavriel Solomons – Conservatives  

Welwyn Division 

Daniel Carlen – Labour 

Frank Marsh – Liberal Democrats 

Tony Kingsbury – Conservatives 

Penny Berrington – Green Party 

Welwyn Garden City South Division 

Lynn Chesterman – Labour 

Christopher Corbey-West – Liberal Democrats 

Marios Artemi – Conservatives

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