Welwyn Garden City man snaps tornado in Herts skies

IT’S a sight you’d normally expect to see in the notorious Tornado Alley region of America’s mid-west.

Yet one WGC resident was left rubbing his eyes when he spotted this twister in the skies above Hertfordshire.

An awe-struck Adam Goldstein observed the whirlwind above the village of Standon, in East Herts, before snapping it with his camera.

Adam, 29, said his initial reaction was one of surprise, which quickly turned to horror when he realised his girlfriend Emily’s car was parked in the tornado’s path.

“You can imagine our reactions!” he told the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

However, after watching the twister for a little longer, Adam realised her vehicle was safe.

“We could tell, from watching TV, that it wasn’t going to touch down,” he said.

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Adam, of Wellington Drive, admitted the tornado was the first he’d ever seen in Hertfordshire.

However, he added: “I did a quick Google search and apparently there was one in Buntingford a year ago.”

Soon after the twister broke apart, the heavens opened and Adam found himself in the middle of a torrential downpour.

But he said even that didn’t sour his experience, before adding: “It left a lasting impression.”