Herts weather forecast: how long will the sunshine last?

Welwyn Garden City in the sunshine. Picture: Mia Jankowicz

Welwyn Garden City in the sunshine. Picture: Mia Jankowicz - Credit: Mia Jankowicz

Here’s your Hertfordshire weather forecast for the weekend and beyond.

The Met Office has predicted sunshine, sunny intervals and genial temperatures for most of the weekend in Hertfordshire, with full cloud cover returning late Sunday and continuing once the working week is under way.

It’ll be a bright sunny day from the morning right through to mid-afternoon on Saturday, April 21.

By 4pm, Potters Bar will have a 50 per cent chance of thunder and lightning.

Sunday’s sunny start will give way to partial cloud by around 10am.

Temperatures will remain between 19 and 22°C over the weekend.

For the rest of Friday, ensure to slap on some sun cream if you’re lucky enough to be going outdoors, as there is a medium UV index.

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High pollen levels will remain for the rest of the weekend.

By Monday, it’ll be back to cloudy days, becoming overcast on Tuesday.

Temperatures between 13 and 15°C until at least mid-week.