Welwyn Garden City house smashed by uprooted tree during Storm Eunice

Remnants of a chopped up oak tree that smashed a house in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, during Storm Eunice

Another tree on the same road fell on Monday as a result of Storm Franklin. - Credit: Harriet Ridley

A huge oak tree uprooted by Storm Eunice smashed into a residential home.

Neighbours were shocked to see a huge oak tree had fallen and destroyed a house on Sherrardspark Road in Welwyn Garden City on Friday night.

The tree uprooted three driveways on the road as it fell. 

Police were called at 5.56pm on Friday, February 18, to assist the fire and rescue service following reports that a tree had uprooted on the street. Officers attended and cordoned off the area along with evacuating two houses.

Hertfordshire Highways arrived on-site at 11.26am on Saturday to make the area safe. A tree surgeon has visited the road on Monday morning and the site has now been cleared.

Sarah Squires, who lives nearby in The Vineyard, walks down Sherrardspark Road every day. 

Oak tree on top of house on Sherrard's Park Road, Welwyn Garden City

"I was horrified when I saw it and concerned for the people living there." - Credit: Sarah Squires

"I was horrified when I saw it and concerned for the people living there. It makes me really sad that the house is still open to the elements as it's rained a lot since the tree fell," she said.

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However, just two days later, stormy weather struck again and another tree on the road fell just opposite to where the first had fallen.

Another oak on Sherrardspark Road, Welwyn Garden City, crashes to the ground.

Storm Franklin brought down another tree on Monday. - Credit: Harriet Ridley