Snow chaos - Welwyn Hatfield residents’ views

READERS have inundated the WHT newsdesk about the chaos caused by just a few inches of snow.

You can join the debate and send us your pictures too by emailing or by commenting below.

Shirley Butler

“Why is it that every year pedestrians in WGC run the risk of broken bones because the Borough Council - who are supposed to be encouraging pedestrians - do not ensure that ice covered pavements are gritted ?

“Today, Saturday 19th December, there was a market outside the Howard Centre, therefore more shoppers than ever, and the pavement was an ice rink.

“Two members of my family fell there in separate incidents - I wonder how many more people did?.”

A resident from Oakdale, WGC

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“I would be interested in other local residents views on salting/gritting our streets.

“I live in a street which is on a “post” gritting route (they only grit AFTER the ice/snow has set in!!)

“However it is impossible to find out WHEN this will be done, having spoken to the Hertfordshire Highways (info/helpline !!!)

“AGAIN today, there is not a single person that can tell me when its going to be done, you just get the same patter “I can put a request in for you”.

“However this still doesn’t mean its going to be done.

“I fully realise that major road needs to be gritted first, but some five days after the ice has set in there is still no sign of a gritter.

“They they have been down Knightsfield, the main road off Oakdale, logic would suggest as Oakdale is on the gritting route they turn down there!!!

“Yet again this country inevitably manages to come to a stand still at the first sign of snow.

“They say it boils down to cost, however the wasted man hours spent stuck on roads or not being able to get in to work and education hours when schools are shut, must amount to a huge figure. “Why don’t we have gritting bins on the streets?

“I’m sure residents would be more then happy to use them when needed as many road are not on gritting routes at all.

“Perhaps this is something the local councils should look in to.”

Tony Crook said:

“WelHat Council fail once again to grit any roads.

“No sign of gritters over the weekend, snow forecast Monday evening.

“Any gritters about during Monday afternoon?


“Complete shambles.”