Stepping into summer... Make sure you plan and prepare!

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Check the forecast ahead of making plans and before setting out to make sure you have everything you need to stay safe in the sun - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

After a few weeks of sporadic sunshine we might be forgiven for having a cautious optimism about the summer ahead.

But whether we expect to spend the months to come on a jaunt to the seaside or stuck on the sofa in front of the TV for a washout afternoon, it's important to make the most of whatever the Great British Weather throws at us.

The Met Office's Will Lang said despite some dreary wet days last year Hertfordshire summers actually fare pretty well on average compared to many other areas of the UK.

He explained: "The county's average maximum temperature in  summer is 21.7C, which is 2.8C above the UK average. Herts also has above average levels of sunshine, with an average of six hours and 48 minutes a day in summer - around an hour more than the average for the whole of the UK."

But although these statistics might suggest Herts residents can enjoy a milder summer than our fellow citizens elsewhere in the UK, it's always the unsettled weather that puts a dampener on our plans.

Will continued: "Hertfordshire, like most places in the UK, isn’t immune to unsettled summer weather and staying prepared for all conditions will help you make the most of the weather. Of course people are excited to make the most of the summer sunshine, but it’s really those that are prepared for all weather in the summer that end up making the most of it and avoiding any mishaps. 

"One of the key pieces of advice from us here at the Met Office is to check the forecast ahead of making plans and before setting out, and, crucially, be prepared to adapt your plans if you need to."

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If you're looking to enjoy the county's green and waterside spaces this summer it's worth taking some simple precautions.

For hot weather, make sure you have things to help you keep cool, like a hat, some water and sun cream, as well as being aware of the needs of those who might be especially vulnerable.

Staying prepared for strong winds and summer downpours can help you make the most of the next warm spell, rather than spending the day repairing damage or going to collect garden furniture and bins from down the street!

Despite above-average levels of summer sun, Hertfordshire, like most places, sees some rainfall in June, July and August, with an average of 166.1mm of rain falling in the summer months.

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One way to stay cool in the heat, but children need extra protection in the sun - Credit: Getty Images

That risk of summer rain is something people often forget. Lots of people will check their gutters and roof in the winter, but it’s important people keep their homes prepared for inclement summer weather. Doing so will ensure a faster visit to the countryside when the sun does return.

For more advice on being prepared for summer weather, use #WeatherReady online or visit WeatherReady on the Met Office website,

An edited version of this feature appears in the latest edition of Hertfordshire Life, available now from all good newsagents.

The June edition of Hertfordshire Life Magazine.

The June edition of Hertfordshire Life Magazine. - Credit: Archant