Let husky Sulley take the strain!

A HUSKY dog, that just loves the snow, has been doing his bit to help traffic congestion by aiding youngsters to school.

It might not be the most conventional form of transport, but Ellie O’Neill and her friends have no need for bus passes, do not have to worry about slipping over while walking to their school, nor does mum Donna have to take her vehicle out in the icy conditions.

For they have Sullivan, their husky, who has been pulling a sleigh to get the eight-year-old to Applecroft School, while Donna runs alongside.

She told the WHT the three-year-old pooch, who is named after the cuddly Monsters Inc. character James P. (Sulley) Sullivan, has been in his element since the big freeze started.

Donna, of Amethyst Walk, WGC, said: “From where we live to school only takes four minutes thanks to Sulley.

“He loves the snow, he often lays in it all day.”

Sulley, a rescue dog, formerly named Spirit, was taken in by the mum-of-four after the pup would not behave when he was part of husky racing sleigh team Moonlight Express.

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“Apparently he always wanted to be the leader, but because he wasn’t strong enough had to go to the back, but he didn’t like this and so therefore had to be taken off the team. The other dogs then alienated him a bit,” said the hairdresser.

“He came from a very good home. I still see the lady who runs the team and Sulley often meets his old friends, but always wants to stay with me.”

Donna is regularly made to stop in the street as people gather to adore Sulley.

“He is a show off and loves attention. He loves children and is not a menace at all.

“People call him the laughing dog as he is always smiling in pictures.”

She added Sulley has also been influential in other ways.

“After my father was ill Sulley used to take him for walks pulling the wheelchair along every day,” she said.

“If it wasn’t for him I don’t think my father would be as well as he is now.”