Hatfield family fears for children’s safety after flood damages their house

Flood damage

Flood damage - Credit: Archant

A Hatfield family is frustrated with the council after their home was damaged by flooding.

Flood damage

Flood damage - Credit: Archant

Daniel Hedges, 30, and his partner Kirsty Coulson, 25, who have a six-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter, had water coming into their home in Bishops Rise through a hole in the roof, causing damage to the inside.

Daniel, who works as a sales manager, said: “We’ve got it coming through into our little girl’s bedroom and into the main bedroom. We used every towel and item of bedding that we have.

“It’s a joke really. I am pretty ticked off by how we have been treated by them. I don’t feel safe in my house with my kids.”

Kirsty, who works in Acacia Mews Care Home, said: “It’s been a living nightmare.

“We had some of the lights and electricity disconnected due to how unsafe it was with water gushing through the lights.”

A Welwyn Hatfield council spokeswoman said: “We received a call to our out of hours service on 23 June, explaining there was a leak and water was getting into the electrics. An electrician visited the property that night to make it safe.

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“The case was prioritised and an inspection was carried out the following day. This identified an issue with a shared blocked drain pipe, located on the neighbouring property which is privately owned.

“This is an ongoing case we are still investigating and all necessary remedial works will be carried out in due course.”