Grit-ting my teeth!

ONCE again just a few inches of snow has caused chaos.

Once again gritters seem have been slow off the mark and cars are struggling even on main roads.

Once again, minor roads are a no go area.

Once again I find myself walking to work as I live in a cul-de-sac with a slight hill - ungritted of course!

Once again I try the yellow grit box - and once again it is empty.

But why should I be surprised; it has been empty since before Christmas.

Once again businesses, including my own, will be paying the price in both time and money.

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Once again Welwyn Hatfield’ authorities seem completely impotent in the face of, what is in effect, only slightly more severe weather conditions than should be expected in January.

I must confess myself to be heartily sick of this - and all the lame excuses!

A Hertfordshire Highways spokeswoman said: “We have gritted less than we normally do.

“We went out today (Wednesday) at 4am and did all A and B roads.

“We are going out again now (9am).”