‘Watch out for rogue cabbies’, students warned

Students are being warned to be on their guard

Students are being warned to be on their guard - Credit: Archant

Crooked cabbies are reportedly preying on new students and forcing them to pay over the odds.

Police officers have warned students that “rogue drivers” could be ripping off international students who started at the University of Hertfordshire last month.

The University of Hertfordshire Policing Team’s Dave Murray said: “Whilst this is a matter for the council, it is important that students who may be new to the area, particularly the international students, are aware that there may be rogue drivers charging overinflated fares.

“The vast majority of taxis in the town are reputable so we’d advise students to pre-book and agree a fare in advance.”

Fears unscrupulous drivers could be targeting young people follow a Welwyn Hatfield Council prosecution on September 9.

Syed Hussain Shaheed, 44, was hit with £975 worth of costs and fines after he overcharged a 16-year-old girl by £1, and forced her to hand it over.

The Luton resident committed the offence in WGC on October 22 last year.

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A spokesman for the authority said: “If anyone feels they have been overcharged in a taxi or hackney carriage licensed by the council, we would urge them to contact us.

“As our recent successful prosecution of a driver who overcharged a 16 year-old by £1 shows, we do take this matter seriously and will take appropriate action.”