Video of illegal rave in Tewin posted on web

VIDEOS of hundreds of revellers, who had to be evicted from a field in Tewin, have been posted on the internet.

The all-night rave at Marden Hill, off the B1000, was capturecd in a series of videos posted on the YouTube website by a 31-year-old user known only as ‘Spliffville’.

They show crowds of whooping youngsters dancing and screaming in a tightly-packed area in a field, as loud repetitive beats reverberate around the wooded surroundings.

Row after row of cars are visible in the background and some of the ravers can be seen inhaling from brightly-coloured baloons - a way of taking the ‘legal high’, laughing gas.

In one of the videos a reveller is seen collapsing in the claustrophobic conditions and being lifted back to his feet.

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Police were called to the rave at around 2am on September 5 amid reports that there were “approximately 300 people” at the site.

Despite the constant din police deemed that “due to the number of revellers” it “would not have been safe” to move them off the site in darkness.

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A Herts Police spokeswoman told the WHT: “Police were monitoring the site and East Herts District Council’s Environmental Health department were made aware of the matter. Revellers were asked to turn the music down twice which they complied with after the second request.”

She added: “At approximately 11.15am, under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, a section 63 order was served against the organisers and revellers began to leave the site. Police monitored them as they left the area.”

One man, who heard the noise on Sunday morning commented in an online forum: “I was out running past there between 8 and 9 Sunday morning and having talked to a couple of locals there was a rave that had been going on all night and sounded like it was still going strong in the morning. They reckoned there was between 200 and 500 people there. You could not see it from the main road but could hear it from the B1000 side and from Bramfield and Tewin.”

n A 22-year-old man from Cheltenham was arrested on suspicion of possessing a class A and class B drug and was later cautioned. A 24-year-old man from Salcot, Essex, was also arrested on suspicion of possessing a class A drug. He was released on police bail and is due to return to Hoddesdon police station on October 25.

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