Ukrainian refugee Hanna's 'beautiful' window art at Welwyn fashion boutique

Ukrainian artist Anna looking through the window she decorated at SuSu

Ukrainian artist Hanna looking through the window she decorated at SuSu - Credit: SuSu

A Ukrainian refugee has decorated the windows of a Welwyn women's fashion boutique with hand-drawn artwork.

SuSu owner Amy Thomson and husband Robert host a Ukrainian refugee and through that are involved with the Welwyn Garden City Facebook group ‘Supporting Sponsors and Hosts of Ukrainian Guests’.

Ukrainian artist Anna Kosh decorating SuSu’s shop windows in Welwyn.

Ukrainian artist Hanna decorating SuSu’s shop windows in Welwyn. - Credit: SuSu

Amy saw a post by Hanna Kosh looking for customers for her beautiful hand-drawn window art and contacted her.

Hanna has now decorated SuSu’s shop windows with fanciful meadow flowers, butterflies and bees using specialist white pens.  

A butterfly lands on the window art at SuSu in Welwyn High Street

A butterfly lands on the window at SuSu in Welwyn High Street - Credit: SuSu

Behind this meadow scene, the Welwyn High Street shop mannequins show off the latest summer fashions.

Hanna said: "It's hard to believe that just four months ago I left Kiev with my three daughters and what few belongings we could fit into our Mini Cooper for a journey through Europe which ended in Welwyn.  

"In Kiev, I worked as a lawyer, but have always done art and design on the side and dreamt of being able to make a career out of it.  

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"Now here in the UK, I have the opportunity to do just that. 

"I am so happy and grateful to Amy for the opportunity to show my work and to the people of Welwyn and Hertfordshire for helping me and my family settle in."

Window art in SuSu in High Street, Welwyn

Window art in SuSu in High Street, Welwyn - Credit: SuSu

Social media posts of pictures of the shop windows have gained much traction.

SuSu customers and Welwyn residents and visitors enjoy this original and playful glass art display, which SuSu says they will keep on the windows through the summer.

Window art at SuSu in High Street, Welwyn

Window art at SuSu in High Street, Welwyn - Credit: SuSu

Owner Amy said: "We are thrilled with Hanna’s beautiful work and our customers love it too.  

"We are so pleased to be able to support her as she builds her new life here in the UK."

Those interested in finding out more about illustrator Hanna’s work can contact her on Instagram at @evsanka_art.

SuSu is located at 21 High Street in Welwyn @susustylewelwyn

SuSu in High Street, Welwyn

SuSu in High Street, Welwyn - Credit: SuSu