UFOs spotted in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield cause a stir

PUBLISHED: 17:39 13 August 2008 | UPDATED: 21:05 26 October 2009

Reader's photos of the lights in the sky

Reader's photos of the lights in the sky

STRANGE lights were spotted across Times Territory by hundred of residents on the night of Friday August 8. They featured in this week s edition and online at www.whtimes24.co.uk. Below are some of our readers reactions and photographs.

STRANGE lights were spotted across Times Territory by hundred of residents on the night of Friday August 8.

They featured in this week's edition and online at www.whtimes24.co.uk.

Below are some of our readers' reactions and photographs.

Christine De-Cross, Moorlands, WGC

"I am always looking up at the sky and love looking out on a clear night, I always see something, a star or a satellite floating high above, but on Friday the 8th August i didn't expect to see what many of your readers also saw. I went in the garden about 11.15pm and I just saw the bright lights which i thought for one second were stars, but they were so bright and the evening was over cast.

I had my family round for dinner and i called them into the garden. We all just watched them in amazement, we counted fourteen altogether and my brother in-law said run in and turn the news on, just like your reader mentioned in this weeks article. My husband said knock the neighbours up! Then i rang another neighbour and she came out. And then we all saw them go out one by one like someone had blown a candle out."

Jodie Newman, Chambers Grove, WGC

"Hi I saw these weird lights as well my partner took loads of pictures and videos to , but in the pictures I noticed that obviously they were moving but in the pictures you can actually see that they were moving as they were blurry and a bit streaky in the picture , it was amazing I came out side to have a cigarette before I went to bed and I saw these weird lights then all of a sudden 5 of them appeared from behind a house all in a straight line !!!!"

David Hinde, Tock Howe Cottage, High Street, Bempton, East Yorkshire

"These sightings are happening UK wide. I have witnessed these red/orange spheres in East Yorkshire.

Look on "ILF ufo" website (put in Google) there are videos and still frame captures of these spheres, still being filmed on the Yorkshire Wolds.


Donna Timms, WGC

"I too saw these lights on Friday night whilst driving home from work. First I thought to myself I have never seen stars that bright or big before. Once home I called my Husband to come outside a take a look. There were several orbs, orange-yellow colour. Moving extremely slowly through the sky. There was no sound at all. Totally baffled but suspect it must be something military related or something like that. They lasted about 10 minutes then seemed to disappear. Very strange......be nice to find out exactly what they were."

Debra Stedman, Hatfield

"UFO sightings! Ha! They were not UFOs - they were Chinese Wish lanterns. I do not know who set them off but it was coincidentally on the first day of the Beijing Olympics and also on the 8th day of the 8th month in the year ending 08... A very lucky day for the Chinese as the numer 8 is revered. It just shows how easily people are panicked!"

Jackie Long, Chelwood Avenue, Hatield

"I saw what can only be described as a strange formation of orange glowing lights in the sky. In case i was seeing things i called my husband and my 14 year old son to look. All three of us stood there opened mouthed for around 10 minutes, the lights one by one started to fade out after this time. There must have been at least a dozen orange lights, they seemed to be flickering and slowly moving across the sky, there is no way that these lights could have been an air craft of any kind, not unless they have started forming triangular shapes in the middle of the night. Having seen several articles on the web stating people had reported similar strange lights over Hertfordshire the claim and the pictures that are the mostly closely matched to what we saw is the report in the Hampshire net. I hope that we were not the only people to see this, we couldn't have been it was to high in the sky. This was the strangest thing we have ever seen. i might just and watch the new x-files movie now. Strange!"

Kyle Brightman, Goldings House, Hatfield

"I live on the 11th floor of Goldings House and can clearly see to the motorway, Stanborough and Welwyn town centre. At about 10.30pm i saw one of these things being shot up into the air over Welwyn garden City way. Then in the space of about 30 mins there were about 10-12 of these things just floating in the air. My suspicions are that they are some sort of flares. Earlier that day I saw these acrobatic planes taking off from the same area that these suspicious lights were coming from. I'm thinking that there might off been some kind of show, somewhere near WGC."

Adam Sage, Springfields, WGC

"I just want to say that i read an article in the week before last issue about strange orange lights in the sky at night iv just seen them now!!!! 10:45 Friday 8th I saw 13-15 very bright orange lights that seem to drift across the sky in a close formation then they disappeared in a flash it was so strange I've never seen anything like it before they were not normal aircraft as they had no flashing lights on at all and were moving to slow for a normal plane!! they went across the sky and were there for about half an hour then one by one they disappeared!! I managed to look through binoculars and even then they were just pin head sized lights but they were so bright!!! I can't imagine what they were"

Martin Ross

"The UFOs you speak of were Chinese fire lanterns. Me & my partner saw them plain as day. I cant believe peoples reaction to them. It's ridiculous."

Greg Daltry

"I left my workplace of Hatfield swim centre at 2300. I cycled down the side of Asda with my colleague Peter to see two guys videoing something in the sky with their camera phone. When we cycled past we thought what were they looking at. Peter then pointed to the sky and there were 20-30 red lights hovering/ wobbling in the distance. We cycled on to nr Pizza hut where we stopped and watched further as the numbers of red lights increased and became a little brighter. Peter tried filming on his camera phone but they were not picked up. I would just like to mention this in case you have more people write in to you to say the same thing. It was the strangest thing that I have personally ever seen and Peter and I were both genuinely concerned at what was happening and even contemplated contacting the local police but they started to slow fade then disappeared completely."

Hailey, St Lukes Court, Hatfield

"My friend was calling me outside the flat as there. there was some bright orange lights out side about 10 of them. They was making patterns in the sky. There was no clouds. It was 11;05 pm. there was there for about 15 minutes. There was no noise some other people was out side looking at them so its not just us. I've seen something like this before just passing the flats then disappearing. It's strange!"

John Harper Longmead Hatfield

"My Wife and I first noticed 5 orange spheres completely still in the sky, after 2 or 3 minutes a steady flow of orange lights came over from the left hand side of the photo a north easterly direction) then joined the first 5 spheres . These 13 orange lights then stayed there for at least 20 minutes. I noticed that each orange ball moved independently to each other, e.g. left to right, and up and down, before they all began to rise slowly up into the sky. The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes.

I am sure other people had seen this as well as it was over the A1M motorway, at Oldings Corner, Hatfield, Herts

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