UFO spotted over Hatfield

A UFO has been spotted in the night skies over Hatfield.

At around 1am on February 15, Ben Thompson saw a number of dancing red lights in the firmament over the town.

Recalling his experience on a Ufology website, he wrote: “On walking back from my garage I notice (sic) a red object in the night sky.

“As I walked home I kept watching the light and it faded and turned orange.

“As I walked up to my house, I also noticed a further 2 red lights that also turned orange,

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“Then, all of a sudden, all 3 lights formed in to (sic) a triangle sort of formation.

“I could not believe my eyes as they made different patterns,

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“Then they faded in to (sic) the cloud cover.”

This latest sighting is just one of many over Welwyn Hatfield during the past two months.

On Christmas Day, Christian Joseph spotted an object over Welwyn and on January 6, a witness known only as James clocked a UFO over the same village.

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